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27 Januari 2012


What is ducting?

Ducting is the language of the United Kingdom which, if translated into Indonesian is the distribution pipe.And if in roughly describe the material or materials that are used to direct or channel the air or the other to a certain direction by considering each of the final goal is widened to the dimensions of the load or the media distributor in diameter all the way up to the end point of the load is out of media reseller.This type ducting material itself is adapted to a wide range of air that will be distributed. Use of the material that is in use will affect the air temperature along the way to the end point of air discharge.
Several types of ducting material itself among its:1. Ducting BJLS (Zinc) without isolation.Is the type of ducting that is used to channel air ducting which is not maintaining temperature stability that will be distributed. Only serves as a channel just from one place to another or from several places into one place.For example:1. Exhaust ducting. Namely the circulation of air in a room such as toilets, parking etc.2. Ducting fresh water. Ie ducting that is used to channel fresh air from outdoors to indoor ac unit like AHU or FCU.3. Intake ducting. To channel air from outside the building toward ruangangan who need fresh air. As a covered parking area or other.4. And so on.

2. Ducting BJLS (zinc) Isolation of Foreign.If ducting which is very different from the former ducting. If the former type of porn action ductingnya because not wearing any clothes clothing aka naked. For the first ducting ducting we dubbed porn action .. not agree.Naah ducting which is using clothing or insulation ducting. Clothes that are in use also varied the type of clothing like a sexy woman that is in use also have a thin or thick, preferably a thin hehe ... more plasticity rich forms.Thin clothes here instead of silk nightwear with little straps you know ... but glaas woolen clothes that cover ducting. Any type of glass wool is thick and thin ... according to the temperature of air that will be distributed. The more cold air in the pipe the increasingly thicker insulation that is in use. Let ductingnya not get wind sich .. tired of it if nyampe colds .. ducting the ngerokin want one long n hard so .. hehehe. The usual type of thick Glasswool in use is 24Kg / m3 with insulation 25mm thick.

3. Ducting BJLS (zinc) Isolation of Foreign and deep.Y is the most polite ducting. Pakeannya super Rapet there are veiled d is also rich. let mo clay ductingnya curvaceous shape. Aj clay face really hard. From outside the palace its name aj already in isolation ... must Rapet bgt tuch. Ducting rich early common for the super cold air ngalirin ... berrrr cold. At the mouth of the indoor unit supply air coming out it was still cold - cold tuch her. Well .. to prevent sweating or condensation ducting ducting eating here kaga setengah2 pakeannya be guaranteed immediately frozen deh kalo setengah2 not cold anymore. Additionally jg to prevent excessive noise from wind gusts that buaanter of mouth unit. Because the sound can be muffled by the insulation of the palace. Jg insulation material there is in adding the speandel pin. Such needles to hold Glasswool the inside.